Non Drowsy Antihistamine

Everything you want to know about non-drowsy Antihistamines

Amoxicillin Allergy Symptoms

Amoxicillin is a medium spectrum ?-lactam antibiotic that functions by cross linking in the cell walls of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria which prevents them from replicating.  This widely-used antibiotic has been utilized by tens of thousands of individuals and is commonly prescribed for children to address any number of infectious conditions.  It has been shown […]

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Oral Allergy Syndrome

Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS) is caused by a cross-reactivity between specific proteins in foods and their corresponding components in commonly inhaled allergens.   The cross reactivity often occurs in individuals with high levels of sensitivity to seasonal allergens such as rag-weed or pollen, and manifests itself when individuals experience symptoms towards foods such as fruits and […]

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Histamine Intolerance

Although allergies are common and histamines are an essential component of your immune system, it is possible to develop a histamine intolerance. In instances of intolerance, it is not the compounds found within your body, but those eaten in food that create the symptoms and sensitivity. Essentially, you become sensitive and unable to break down […]

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